What's SonicMaster

Benefits of SonicMaster

  • Crystal Clear Sound

    Crystal Clear Sound

    Optimized speaker positioning and professional audio processing deliver crystal-clear high fidelity sound that impresses in all multimedia content.

  • Deeper & Richer Bass

    Deeper & Richer Bass

    Large speaker chambers and exclusive external subwoofer deliver deeper and richer bass that gets the beat going in favorite tracks and adds new depth to movie sound.

  • Powerful Volume

    Powerful Volume

    High output and low distortion amplifier boosts volume, giving notebooks room-dominating audio impact for home enjoyment and even social events.

  • Wider Range

    Wider Range

    Wider sonic range , minimized noise, and greatly reduced distortion transform notebooks into multimedia centers for music, movies, and gaming at home and away, with better accuracy in powerful and subtle notes for greater enjoyment.

  • Distinct Vocals

    Distinct Vocals

    Advanced software processing reduces noise so every word, voice, and detail in movies, games, communications, and music becomes lively and thrilling. Also perfect for VoIP and listening to online spoken word content.

  • True-to-life Surround

    True-to-life Surround

    Meticulous sound processing software expands surround fields with directional audio detection that covers you in spectacular sound whether on your living room couch or at a multimedia-reliant business presentation.