Sophisticated Stylish Design

Crafted by Master DesignerDavid Lewis

Reflecting the cool influence of Scandinavian simplicity and purity, NX Series notebooks employ the finest polished aluminum, treated to ensure long-lasting lustrous beauty and strength. These are the world’s first notebooks specifically dedicated to precision sound reproduction. Through the use of premium aluminum, NX Series notebooks fulfill the David Lewis vision of combining form and function to create a centerpiece for the home.

Crafted by Master Designer

Dual Ergonomic Touchpads

The world’s first notebook design to feature two high-precision touchpads boosts usability by placing a touch interface at either side of the elegant keyboard. Exclusive ASUS Rotation Desktop technology enables ambidextrous usage, giving you a unique DJ-like control experience that’s especially useful for multimedia enjoyment and creativity.

Dual Ergonomic Touchpads