Incredible Audio

Exclusive SonicMaster Technology

Co-developed by ASUS sound experts and the world-famous audio pros at Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®, SonicMaster evolves notebook audio using advanced hardware and software processing. It widens the audio range, clears up vocals, and generates greater impact with professional codecs, bigger resonance chambers, and more powerful speakers. SonicMaster is audiophile-grade sound, moving away from the tinny performance of other notebooks into the realm of real audio enjoyment.

Bundled External Subwoofer

To make sure bass performance can be fully realized, ASUS adds an external SonicMaster subwoofer to N Series notebooks. Included in the box, the subwoofer has been exclusively designed to complement SonicMaster sound characteristics and design. Low frequency bass sounds are neatly separated and routed through the subwoofer, while mid and high range notes play via the notebook speakers, resulting in distinct sonic performance and greater enjoyment for you.