Incredible Audio

Exclusive SonicMaster Technology

Only ASUS gives you the finest audio on notebooks, delivered using proprietary SonicMaster technology. Co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®, the impressive sound generated by SonicMaster increases audio range, clears up vocals, and boosts bass depth. For true multimedia enjoyment, SonicMaster is a must, adding a whole new dimension of sound through advanced hardware and software techniques that ensure auditory experiences unlike any other.

Bigger and Bolder Audio

SonicMaster has risen from the efforts of sound engineering experts at ASUS, who’ve worked hard to find a golden balance for audio that’s always satisfying. SonicMaster uses the most sophisticated sound processing, as well as larger resonance chambers and more capable speakers, culminating in pristine audio output in every application, from music, to movies, and even gaming. It brings genuine hi-fi quality to notebook PCs for the first time.